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The Elevated Eye: Drones and Gaze in Ruins

Archaeology and Material Culture

A host of photographers, community historians, and self-styled urban critics have produced a fascinating visualization of the architectural detritus of cities, industry, and various failings of modernity.  That flood of so-called “ruin porn” has unleashed a complex breadth of artistic creativity as well as anxieties about the social implications of gaze and how we see, photograph, and imagine architectural remains.  Much of the uneasiness with ruin photography laments the camera’s gaze as a selective and seemingly distorted representation of our visual and physical experience of an objective reality: that is, the implication is that a photographer frames landscapes in selective ways, and the realities confirmed by our eyes are somehow corrupted by digital filters, High Dynamic Range imaging (HDR), and camera lens filters that toy with color balance, light intensity, and nearly every dimension of a photographic image.  This somewhat awkwardly ignores our fascination with ruins and ruin images; it…

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Estrategias visuales que conectan ideas con personas Teléfono móvil: 0058 416 8159220 - Cuestión de estilo YO imagino -TÚ imaginas - ÉL imagina - NOSOTROS REALIZAMOS - VOSOTROS imaginais- ELLOS imaginan- « El mayor peligro para la mayoría de nosotros no es que nuestra meta sea demasiado alta y no la alcancemos, sino que sea demasiado baja y la consigamos. » / « The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and does not reach it, but it is too low and get. » / « Il pericolo più grande per la maggior parte di noi non è che il nostro obiettivo è troppo alto e non lo raggiunge, ma è troppo basso e ottenere. » Michelangelo Buonarroti


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